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Ellon is one of the best places in the United Kingdom to take your family to or refresh with a group of friends and workmates. It is part of our minibus hire Aberdeen amenity. To mention just of the few activities that are bound to make your trip a wonderful one, there are the Mill of Elrick and Haddo Trout Fisheries where children can learn fishing. In addition, there are nature parks, stone towers and many other historical attractions. At Coach and Minibus Hire Ellon, we are prepared to add just the needed flavour to make your trip worthwhile. You can choose any of our many options for your tour of the town.

8 Seat Minibus Hire :

There are many things to do in Ellon for people of all ages. Therefore, you don't have to leave any of your loved ones behind. Get everyone into the plan and travel in our 8 seat minibus hire vehicle. It has every needed amenity and feature to enable the comfort of children as well as the elderly and the physically challenged. They include allowance for fitting of child seats.

10-12 Seat Minibus Hire:

You can still invite more members of your extended family or a few more friends or colleagues to take your trip around Ellon and other areas in our 10-12 seat minibus hire vehicle. We will take you everywhere you want and at anytime you like. In addition, we will ensure that everyone is safe and comfortable throughout the journey.

12-14 Seat Minibus Hire:

One of the options available for larger groups of people, our 12-14 seat minibus hire service is ideal for clients who would like to save on the costs while getting better convenience, luxury and safety. It is intended to scale up the fun of the trip. For a low price, you will get entertainment features, maximum comfort and highest level of safety. What is even better is the fact is that you will share it with the people closest to you. 

16-18 Seat Minibus Hire:

Travelling in a group is fun. Travelling in a large group is more fun. Travelling in our 16-18 seat minibus hire vehicle completes the fun. We offer more than just a vehicle for shuttling you around. We offer a pleasurable ride made so by our investment in entertainment devices, the comfort of the vehicles as well as the cheerfulness, warmth and kindness of our drivers. In addition, we allow you to do anything you want in the vehicle as long as it is within the law.

Executive Taxi:

If you are in Ellon for official purposes, the best way to travel from one area to another is by using our executive taxi service. Stylish, luxurious and punctual, you won't regret spending any single penny on it. It is designed to give you the respect and admiration you deserve from your business associates and even competitors. Remember, however, that you won't pay any penny more for it than you would with ordinary taxi services.

Airport Taxi:

It all starts and ends well with our airport taxi service. We will be waiting at the airport for you to land, get into one of our luxurious vehicles and instruct us to take you wherever you want. The expertise and willingness of our drivers to listen and cheerfully obey our clients will help ensure that you arrive safely and within the time you would like.

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