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You certainly have your own very good reasons for travelling to the Silver City, as Aberdeen is fondly known. However, we can make a guess: a family outing or an excursion with friends, a honeymoon or just a chance to spice up your love life, a business trip or a team-building effort? Whatever your reasons, you cannot afford to leave us out of your plans for the simple reason of the need for the greatest transport services in the city and nearby towns including Stonehaven, Portlethen, Ellon, Westhill and Newburgh. We have just the right plan designed to deliver a journey that is destined to become part of some of your most treasured memories.

The Making of a Dream Trip

Aberdeen city has bagged the Britain in Bloom award for ten-times. It is also one of the most liveable cities in the universe. In addition, it is known as a top business hub in the United Kingdom. There are many reasons for all these recognitions. They are, in fact, so many that we cannot go through them all here. What we promise, however, is to give you the best opportunity of discovering them by taking you wherever you want. Let us make your trip a dream come true by beginning the journey with you right from the beginning. When you land at the airport, hop into one of our Aberdeen airport taxi vehicles. You can easily make them apart from the rest. They are sparkling clean, well-maintained, luxurious machines manned by neat, polite and cheerful drivers. They are designed to give you a royal entrance into the city.

Travel in Elegance

If you are visiting Aberdeen for the first time, it is only fair to yourself that you do it in the best way. Taking the train or any other public transport will hardly count as best. Neither will other transport companies. Only Coach and Minibus Hire Aberdeen is sure to give you a special travelling experience. All our vehicles are designed to radiate elegance and make you stand out of the crowd at the beginning of the journey, on the roads and streets and on your arrival at your destination. Remember that there is a special 8 seat Aberdeen minibus hire package intended for a small group of people. Take advantage of it and take your family or group of friends or workmates around Aberdeen and surrounding areas in a way that will make their memories.

Strength and Reliability

When making travelling plans, few people would leave room for breaking down of the vehicle. It is, thus, a great disappointment when the vehicle you are travelling in suddenly stalls in the middle of the road or out in an inhabited part of the country. Apart from the insecurity brought by such a situation, there is lost time. In the end, you may have to forego visiting some of the places you had planned to. If you are in a business trip, you may lose a deal or the trust of your clients or associates. It is wise, therefore, to go for a company that understands the importance of purchasing only the most powerful vehicles and keeps them in excellent condition all the time. Whether you take our executive taxi or the 10-12 seat minibus hire, you will be sure of reliability.

The Power of a Group

Sometimes, it is necessary to travel alone. Certain conditions, in addition, limit the number of people travelling together to only two or slightly more. They include a couples' outing, or a trip involving only the top corporate executives. Nevertheless, nothing compares to the excitement of a group travelling together when there is the chance. The trip is not only more enjoyable but also comes with logistical and cost benefits. Our 12-14 seat minibus hire service has been, for a long time, the option for people attending events and occasions such as wedding processions, sports and talent competition teams as well as groups of friends who are after a fun-time together in Aberdeen and surrounding areas.

Everyone and Everything with You

You are planning a trip to Aberdeen and nearby areas. You have informed quite a number of people, allowing for some of the people who will be too busy or simply unwilling to take up the offer. With the allure of Aberdeen, however, almost everyone in your list jumps at the opportunity. You are suddenly left in a tight situation, not knowing who to take with you or who to disappoint since there is no room for everyone in the vehicle. The only option seems cancelling the trip and disappointing everyone or letting down a few of them and leaving with the rest. You don't have to choose either. We have got you sorted with our 16-18 seat minibus hire service. As comfortable and luxurious as all our other vehicles, the 16-18 seater has enough room for a large group of people. In addition, it has more than sufficient room for everyone's luggage. Let us know your travelling plans and we'll have just the perfect vehicle for you.

Who We Are?

Aberdeen is one of the oldest cities in the United Kingdom. It has a rich history that to-date, lives on through its unique features including the sparkling granite buildings. Nevertheless, we discovered that the transport system did not have much of a sparkle. We could do no better justice to the city, its residents and visitors, than stepping in.

Today, you can plan a trip to and around Aberdeen sure that you will have reliable, safe and comfortable transport. To make sure of this, we have included in our large fleet many and various vehicles picked from only the best in the automobile market. Nevertheless, we have kept our prices at a fair level. In addition, our drivers are picked from the top of the cream of the local population. They are trained, experienced and have been born and bred in Aberdeen and nearby places. They, therefore, know the area extremely well and will easily take and guide you to any location.

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