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While travelling to a place you have never been before sounds daunting, things are different when you opt for transportation services offered at Coach and Minibus Hire York. We are the leading transportation company in York region and the nearby areas. Being in the industry for many decades has helped us to acquire the necessary experience and resources necessary in the delivery of excellent transportation services to all travellers.

Why us

Get a chance to be served by professionals

Being the leading transportation service provider in York region, you can rest assured that we have acquired all perfect human resources which include drivers and client support team. We always recruit professionals to work with us. All our drivers and client support representatives have excellent skills necessary in the service delivery process.

They respond to customers’ questions and concerns professionally. Besides, they will offer you all the information you require to make the right purchase decision. Our staff members are also trained regularly to help them stay relevant and keep up with the ever-changing business environment.

Reliable and convenient services

Local Taxi York was created to bring the required convenience for travellers. Passengers want to reach their destination without any inconveniences. This is exactly what we do at Coach and Minibus Hire York. Using public buses and trains can cause unnecessary delays or you end up getting dropped short of your destination. That means you will be forced to walk for some distance to reach your desired destination or you will need to hire a cab. This is an expensive option.

Fortunately, Coach and Minibus Hire York grants you the opportunity to travel in style without worrying about the instances of delays and other inconveniences associated with the public transportation. Our drivers can pick you from your desired pick up location and take you to your desired destination in time. In case there delays on your end, the driver will wait for you patiently. We also provide airport taxi services. If you intend to attend an official business event, then, you can rest assured that we will provide executive taxi services. These services can be customized to match your personality and corporate culture as well.

Great fleet

The quality of the vehicles you use when travelling plays a significant role in defining your travel experience. The last thing you want is boarding a dirty and smelly vehicle or an old vehicle that can’t even start effectively. At Coach and Minibus Hire York, our vehicles are sourced from top manufacturers. Thus, these vehicles feature sturdy design. That means minimal or no vehicle breakdowns when travelling to different destinations.

Our 8-seater minibuses are usually well-cleaned and are regularly inspected by mechanics to make sure that any possible problem is spotted as early as possible and solved. Besides, these mechanics service these vehicles regularly. That means the vehicles are always in perfect working condition in case they are required for immediate travels.

Choose the vehicle you want to be driven in

One of the best ways to have a perfect travel experience is by choosing the vehicle you want to be driven in. This is because travelling in a vehicle of your choice makes you more comfortable and safer than boarding a bus you have never used before. At Coach and Minibus Hire York, we allow our customers to select the vehicle that they feel comfortable in.

Note that your choice will be significantly impacted by the number of people travelling with you. Besides, your tastes and preferences as well as the availability of that vehicle will also play a role in determining your choice. Note that we have 16-18 seat minibuses that can transport up to 18 people.

The company also has 12-14 seat minibuses which are an excellent travel option for a group of about 12 to 14 people. Whether you are travelling alone or as a group, you can rest assured that we will offer you an efficient solution to ensure that you can reach your destination safely and in time.

While a group of 10 travellers may find difficult to use a taxi or a public bus, a 10-12 seat minibus is an ideal solution. These minibuses are spacious enough to allow you and your companions to have the best travel ever. Besides, they have enough storage compartments to ensure that you don’t struggle with bags when travelling to your preferred location.

Excellent entertainment

After a long flight, you are likely to feel tired and exhausted. Our drivers understand this and they will present you a vehicle with various entertainment options. This will keep boredom at bay. These entertainment options include music systems, plasma screens, free Wi-Fi, DVD players, and more. 

At Coach and Minibus Hire York, our sole objective is to provide seamless transportation services to all our customers visiting York or the nearby locations. We have been in business for many decades and this has allowed us to acquire all the resources required to deliver high quality transportation services. These resources include both human (the drivers, customer care personnel, and other staff members) and physical resources such as vehicles and other tools and equipment. This has enabled us to deliver the best travel services to all our clients whenever they require such services.

Local Taxi York has various vehicles including minibuses and taxis. These minibuses range from 8-seater minibuses to 16-18 seat minibuses. For someone travelling alone, a taxi will be a great option. On the other hand, a group of people travelling together will need to choose the right vehicle capacity to ensure that they can travel together and minimize the cost. Note that our services are highly reliable and delivered by professional drivers.

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