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With direct access to countless self-employed taxi drivers, Coach and Minibus Hire Warrington facilitates and dispatches thousands of bookings each day. We have acquired the necessary resources to handle large volumes of bookings and travels. Note that we transport our clients using our own vehicles and not from other businesses or individual taxi operators.  Once you book with us, you will be transported in a vehicle belonging to Coach and Minibus Hire Warrington and our drivers as well.

Coach and Minibus Hire Warrington has purchased enough vehicles to handle all the daily bookings without falling short of vehicles. We have 16-18 seat minibuses and we strongly recommend these vehicles to groups of travellers of up to 18 travellers. People intending to attend a wedding ceremony or funeral or a sporting event and want to travel as a group can also find these vehicles perfect. Have you ever thought of how happy you would be when travelling as a group? Besides, you will be reducing the cost of travel because you will only pay once and we will take you wherever you want to be.

We have also bought excellent 12-14 seat minibuses. These vehicles are fit for a groups of more than 10 but less than 14 travellers. Just like all other vehicles in our fleet, they are purchased from the world’s leading manufacturers. Besides, they are washed regularly and serviced by qualified mechanics. These mechanics are good at solving any form of vehicle damage. Even dents and minor scratches are repaired as early as possible to keep our vehicles looking new and in perfect working condition.

Why us?

Enjoy 24-hour services

Coach and Minibus Hire Warrington offers 24-hour taxi services to all travellers. If you have just landed at the airport in Warrington and want to visit different areas in Warrington, contact us for the best transportation services. Regardless the time of the day, one of our drivers will pick you from the airport and take you to your preferred destinations. Throughout Warrington region, we are the only company providing excellent airport taxi and minibus hire services at reasonable costs.

Highly reliable taxi services

Once you book our 8-seater minibus hire, we will assign you a professional driver. This driver will pick from your preferred pick up location at the right time. In case there are flight delays, the driver will patiently wait for you. We have many drivers such that even if the driver we assigned you is unwell, we can still assign a new driver. This ensures that nothing will mess your journey up.

Affordable services

At Coach and Minibus Hire Warrington we charge reasonable prices for all the services we offer. While it’s a common believe that cheap taxi services are of low quality, things appear to very different at Coach and Minibus Hire Warrington. We provide top quality minibus hire services and at the same time charge affordable prices. Regardless of your travel budget, we will provide a minibus or taxi that fits your requirements.

Get a chance to be served by professional drivers

All the drivers at Coach and Minibus Hire Warrington have been trained to interact, help, and guide travellers from all walks of life. Regardless of your race, ethnicity, religion, sex, political believes, and social status, our drivers will be friendly to you and will always be ready to help you where they can. When travelling, you will enjoy chatting with them over different subjects and when you require professional guidance especially on tourist related subjects, they will be ready to tell you want you need.

Well-maintained vehicles

At Coach and Minibus Hire Warrington, we clean our vehicles as soon as they appear dirty. Rest assured that we won’t assign you a dirty vehicle or one full of dents and scratches. Our mechanics make it their responsibility to make sure that all the vehicles are in perfect working condition and look great before we assign them to our clients. Besides, these vehicles are serviced regularly and thus, travellers can be sure that their journey won’t be interrupted by vehicle breakdowns.

Professional-grade travel services

One of the major qualities of a great travel services is higher level of professionalism exercised by the service provider. At Coach and Minibus Hire Warrington, we practice the highest level of professionalism and observe strict ethical practices when delivering our services.

We also observe strict privacy codes. You should understand that the personal identification information you provide when booking for our services will used when planning your travel. Under no circumstances will this information be disclosed to a third party or be accessed by an unauthorised party.

Coach and Minibus Hire Warrington’s primary is to facilitate excellent travels for all travellers visiting Warrington and the nearby regions.

Coach and Minibus Hire Warrington is a company that has acquired highly experienced, knowledgeable, and friendly staff. This ensures that their clients get professional services from friendly staff whose primary aim is to facilitate safe and great travels. Such professional staff has play a significant role in making us the leading company providing affordable executive services in Warrington and the other nearby towns.

Coach and Minibus Hire Warrington’s reputation is second to none given the their highest dispatch system with minibus and taxi bookings, The Coach and Minibus Hire Warrington team uses GPS tracking systems to monitor all travels 24 hours a day and that helps to remain accountable for the security of all our clients and their luggage. We also collaborate with all the nearby airports to ensure that we can send the taxis or minibuses to pick our clients from these airports in time.

Regardless of how many travellers are accompanying you, rest assured that Coach and Minibus Hire Warrington will provide the right taxi or minibus to allow you travel as a group.

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