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If you have ever travelled alone or as a group, you have a hint of the inconveniences and challenges associated with poor travel planning. These challenges revolve around increased travel expenses and unnecessary delays. At Local Taxi Sunderland, we consider it important to make the right arrangements before you depart on a trip. This will ensure that everything goes on smoothly and as planned.

One of the things you should effectively plan for before you begin your trip is transportation. Note that a dedicated means of transport upon arrival in Sunderland is one of the components of a good travel plan. A dedicated means of transport is by far more comfortable, reliable, and convenient than opting to rely on unfamiliar public transport systems and expansive taxi services.

At Local Taxi Sunderland, we provide secure dedicated transport means in highly comfortable 8-seater minibuses and other available vehicles. Our company has a fleet of 10-12 seat minibuses as well as 12-14 seat minibuses and 16-18 seat minibuses. Such varied vehicles are an indispensable tool when it comes to transporting different sizes of group travellers. Whether you want to travel in groups of five or ten, you can rest assured that Local Taxi Sunderland will offer the right vehicle.

From the time you arrive at our offices or make an online reservation to the time our drivers bid you good bye after rendering the required services, you will be served excellently and helped whenever you require our help. Our client support team will keenly listen and respond to all your questions and concerns. Besides, you will be transported to your preferred destinations at affordable rates.

All our taxis and minibuses are sourced from world’s leading manufacturers. Thus, these vehicles are well-built and there are minimal chances of vehicle breakdowns. Besides, the vehicles are made using the latest technology to make them more eco-friendly and ensure that they use the right amount of fuel.

Local Taxi Sunderland has a competent team of mechanics who inspect and repair our vehicles when necessary. These mechanics perform a detailed check up on each taxi or minibus before it’s put into service. If they realize there is a problem, no matter how minor it may seem, the mechanics fix it instantly to avoid instances of major vehicle breakdowns.

We also take the responsibility of making sure that you travel safely. To achieve this objective, we have taken various steps. First, we have installed a tracking device on each vehicle. This device indicates the location of any vehicle at any given time. This way, we can send an immediate help if any vehicle develops an issue while transporting our clients. Therefore, you can rest and relax as our driver takes you to you preferred destination without worrying about mechanical issues and your safety and that of your luggage.

Note that at Local Taxi Sunderland, we have installed different modifications in each vehicle to make sure that all travellers can get the highest possible level of satisfaction. For instance, each vehicle is equipped with soft drinks coolers. If you decided to carry soft drinks and snacks, you can store the soft drinks in the available coolers especially if you are travelling on a hot day.  Our vehicles have slide roofs for additional fresh air. As said earlier, Local Taxi Sunderland aims at offering the highest possible level of satisfaction to all travellers within Sunderland and from other parts of the world.

The company has been providing executive taxi services for many years. Our experience is one of the things that have led us to provide premier minibus hire and taxi services in Sunderland. Since we began our operations a few years ago, we have helped thousands of clients visiting Sunderland to meet their group travel requirements and goals. Note that we aim at offering an incredible level of satisfaction and safety at ridiculously low prices.

In addition to the convenience we create for every traveller, we also go a step further to make it easier for you to get other services as well. We work with other service providers to make sure that you can access other important services. For instance, we work with catering service providers and a few hotels (accommodation service providers) to ensure that each of our clients gets great meals and can access affordable accommodation. This will make it possible for you to have a great travel experience.

Our taxi and minibus hire services prices never change even during the peak season.  Thus, you should not get worried about varying prices for our services as we keep the fare at the same level. Whenever you require our minibuses and airport taxi services, contact our client support team.

Local Taxi Sunderland is a leader in the provision of transport services in Sunderland region. We offer excellent services and strive to maintain the quality of services we offer and keenly serve all types of travellers. Whether you decide to travel alone or in a small, medium or large group, you can rest assured that we will offer you the right means of transport.

We aim at providing our customers the convenience and flexibility required when going on any type of journey. Thus, we guarantee our customers great satisfaction as they travel along in our fleet of minibuses and taxis.

At Local Taxi Sunderland, we understand that people love travelling in groups especially when going out for holidays, night parties, weddings, funerals, and more. For this reason, we avail different minibuses of varying capacities to make it easier for such groups if travellers to reach their destinations conveniently and in time.

We supply top-grade vehicles with luxurious leather interior. Our vehicles are always clean and are inspected after every journey by highly trained mechanics. If you’re looking for flawless taxi services and minibus hire services, contact us.

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