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Peterborough is a popular cathedral town in the famous Cambridgeshire, England. The city has a population of 183, 631 according to the census done in 2011. Historically, Peterborough was part of the Northamptonshire. It lies approximately 118.4 Kilometres (73.6 miles) north of London near River Nene. The city has a history of successful economic growth and development and has been attracting investors from different parts of the world. Most people living in this city work in different parts of the city and outside the city. Other socio economic activities taking place in Peterborough include education, religious activities, games and sports, tourism, and more. These activities have made Peterborough a travel destination for people from different parts of the world. If you intend to visit this area, Coach and Minibus Hire Peterborough is ready to offer you the best transportation services.

Coach and Minibus Hire Peterborough offers outstanding services in its array of between 8-seater minibus hire and 16-18 seat minibus hire services. We focus on leasing out these minibuses and taxis of different capacities to our esteemed customers. As a tour company, we operate effectively and provide highly customised travel solutions that offer high level of comfort and stunning experience that travellers deserve.  All these benefits present a greater value to travellers as we offer tour packages which account for the diversity of travel requirements which our customers have.

If you are traveling to Peterborough, just be sure you can count on our full and a professional travel support when you need of a taxi or a minibus with a driver. Additionally, we provide our range of classy vehicles even without driver's to allow you enjoy traveling in them. This self-drive service is available before cause we have a support desk that can handle any concern you may have at your time of need. To qualify for this self-drive option, you should have an acceptable driving license that conforms to the standards, laws, and regulations that govern the transportation industry in Peterborough. Besides, you should have a strong grasp of knowledge regarding the road network in Peterborough or exhibit excellent map reading skills.

All our drivers and the client support team strongly believe in service and offer sufficient assurance to all travellers that they will experience great time while on the road. You can feel free to acquire any type of minibus or taxi that pleases you at an affordable cost that we have priced our various services. You can expect to enjoy your travel anytime while travelling with Coach and Minibus Hire Peterborough. Our travel services have become one of the common features within the tours and the travel industry in Peterborough and the neighbouring towns and cities.

Our fleet consists of taxis numerous minibuses. For example, we have 10-12 seat minibuses which are perfect for a group of people travelling together especially 10 or 12 people. We also have executive taxis and 12-14 seat minibuses. We have on exhibition a diversity of minibuses which assure our clients that they will be served by the vehicle they desire. The fleet we are very passes through multiple checks to ascertain that they can offer and excellent service.

Coach and Minibus Hire Peterborough adheres to strict policy of employee hire. This guarantees reliable services any time to our customers. We always enlist the services of staff that is highly professional, have excellent skill set, and competent when it comes to handling clients requirements whether on the road or at the care desk. We urge our clients not to have reservations about their navigation while on the road since our vehicles come installed with modern GPS tracking devices. This ensures that you are within easy reach at any moment if there is any need to recover your crew and the automobile ferrying you.

Coach and Minibus Hire Peterborough also offers airport taxi services at an affordable cost. Clients intending to travel to different airports can consider hiring our taxis or minibuses. Besides, if you’re touching base at the airport, you can count on us to take you home, to your hotel, or any other destination of your choice. One unique thing about our taxi services is that our drivers are patient and will always wait for your arrival patiently. That means even there is a flight delay, the driver will stay in touch with you and wait patiently for you. However, if the delay may last for many hours or you decided to change your travel day, it’s wise to inform us in advance so that we can reschedule the pick-up time.

For all these excellent services, we charge affordable prices while making sure that all our clients save on their travel budgets.

Coach and Minibus Hire Peterborough is a tour and travel company with an upstanding experience in the provision of tours and travel services. The company has been serving its clients successfully for many decades. Over the time, we have acquired the necessary human resources as well as physical resources to enable us to provide the best travel services to both residents of Peterborough and the visitors coming to this region. These human resources include professional client support team and highly-trained, certified, and licensed drivers and mechanics as well.

We provide a broad range of travel services. Coach and Minibus Hire Peterborough also has numerous vehicles of varying capacities. These include minibuses and taxis. Depending on your travel requirements especially the number of people you intend to transport, you can always find the right vehicle at Coach and Minibus Hire Peterborough. Besides, the choice of your travel package will also depend on the amount of money you intend to spend on transportation, your tastes and preferences, and more. Whenever you need to visit various destinations in Peterborough, whether travelling alone or as a group, contact us and we will be glad to serve you.

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After submitting the unique particulars of your trip, you can rest assured that you’ll get a response in 24 hours. Luckily, Peterborough operators with modern booking and quoting technology provide results quickly. If you provide flawless information regarding your destination, travel date, type of vehicles, number of passengers and expected return date, your operator works efficiently to provide an estimate within one working day. You must talk to a service provider with a user-friendly website or intuitive booking app. This guarantees the fastest response that matches your query. Luckily, some operators allow you to request a quote from any location and they respond almost in real-time. +

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