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Coach Hire Paisley

Paisley has a rich history and heritage. A visit to the area will led you to spectacular places including the Glennifer Braes Country Park, Thomas Coats Observatory, Paisley Abbey, and the Town Centre Walk.  There much more to see and explore. Your large entourage will enjoy your excursion around if you’ve chosen the luxurious 35 and 57 seater coaches at Cabs and Coaches. Ours is to ensure that your trip is a fulfilling experience.

Unique Coach Transport
When your large entourage plans to visit Paisley on whatever occasion, the best decision you can make is to plan your travel in advance. Booking large team coaches with us is a decision you’ll never regret. We have dealt with thousands of groups with 35 and 57 passengers with exceptional outcomes. We understand that you need unique coach transport, and we get down to designing a package that offers the best value for your money. We offer plenty of space for you and your luggage.

Exceptional Mode of Travel
When you book our 35 seater coaches, we offer an exceptional mode of travel compared to using public buses. If you’re travelling in multiple cabs or minibuses and one beaks down, it will inconvenience the entire group. What we do is offer our latest coach models to deliver a convenient journey. We save you the cost of booking multiple cabs, and you know it can take toll on your wallet. We never coerce you to book any coach. Our experts assess your needs and preferences keenly. We will deliver the perfect minibus package, even if you’re booking remotely.

Luxury on the Go
Your large group doesn’t have to travel in outdated coaches just because our competitors have offered a deal too sweet. What we do is to guarantee top level luxury and comfort all the way. We never gamble with your style and deluxe needs. We provide the latest coach models sourced from top manufacturers in the UK and Europe. We offer air-conditioned cabins with mood lighting, WC, reclining seats, Wi-Fi, spacious aisles, leather finishes and all the entertainment you need on the go. We know you might be traveling with a special group, and we will customise your coach the way you want it.

Budget Friendly Fares
Even if it’s a large group transfer for a 5 member group, we never exaggerate the costs. We are reputed for offering budget friendly fares. We enable your team to split the costs. In fact, we offer discounts and still maintain incredible service standards. Our free quotes help you to budget. What we state from the outset is what you’ll pay.  There are no secret or hidden fees in our billing. We accept major credit cards, and we don’t surcharge you.

Book our coaches remotely, and we will give you instant confirmations. Our user friendly booking portal and the smartphone app make reservations simple. You can do it in a few clicks. Get a quote today. Contact us.

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