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Also known as Queen of the Midlands, Nottingham is one of the most attractive destinations in England. It is associated with world-famous legend, Robin Hood. In addition, there are so many other things that you can’t find anywhere else apart from the city and surrounding areas such as Bingham, Hucknall, West Bridgford, Beeston and Carlton. They include: the Trent Bridge, the National Ice Centre, and Castle Gate House. In order to travel in and around the city as well as nearby areas in comfort and top convenience, you need a transport partner who will understand all your needs. Coach and Minibus Hire Nottingham is here for you.

Nothing but the Best

Before we established our company, we invested a lot of time and resources to find out exactly what would make our clients proud that they chose us. We didn’t just want to plan for customer satisfaction; we wanted to give our clients an unforgettable experience. We wanted to welcome everyone who travelled with us into our family. To us, you are not just a client. You are a family member. We are glad to announce that everyday, our family is enlarged. Here, you will get as much love, care and respect as you would get from your family. Welcome home and let us take you around.

Travel in a Small Family Unit

Often, our clients express their intention of travelling in small groups. Our job is to fulfil their wish in the best way possible. We have the 8 seat minibus hire package that is an excellent fit for people travelling in a group of up to 8. In its design, we have given first priority to comfort, relaxation and safety. This means that everyone has ample leg room while the seats are made to make the journey as smooth as possible even when travelling on a rough road surface. Moreover, our 8 seater are fitted with such high-tech accessories and features that you can never find in any other vehicles of similar capacity.

A Few Additional Members

Whatever the number of clients who would love to travel together, we always have a vehicle that would easily beat any other from all other transport companies in Nottingham. Therefore, you don’t have to pay more or go for less than superb services just because there are a few more members in your group than would be comfortable in the 8 seat minibus. It is our pleasure to welcome you all aboard our 10-12 minibus hire vehicle. Besides the ability to easily accommodate more members of our travelling family, it provides the same comfort and safety levels as all our other machines.

Even More Space

Your group may be larger than 12 people. We anticipated the kind of disappointment you would have if some people were denied the chance to join in the fun of travelling with everyone else throughout Nottingham and beyond. Thus, we provided the 12-14 minibus hire service. Remember that our aim is to keep everyone happy. Therefore, we provide as much freedom of choice as possible. Apart from capacity, you can choose any brand of vehicle, who to travel with, where you will be picked and your destination. Further, you can travel with us anytime of the day, sure that you will be safe and secure in all our vehicles and with all our drivers, no matter which part of Nottingham and other areas you will be.

A Gift for the Large Family

Few people would think of turning down a chance to travel in a large group. Apart from the additional fun, there is a bigger presence of a sense of security. Moreover, there is always an opportunity of knowing other people more intimately than you could probably hope for. We have just the perfect package for this and more: our 16-18 seat minibus hire. Coming with enough space for a mid-sized group, the minibus has all the features and accessories unique to Coach and Minibus Hire Nottingham. They are designed to allow for comfort, safety and entertainment. Besides a flawless ventilation and temperature regulation system, it has state-of-the-art devices meant for an entertaining and joyful journey.

Picking and Taking you wherever you want

We don’t deny that the public transport in Nottingham has its own great sides. However, it is just that – public transport. This means that you cannot have it for your own. It can’t wait for you, you wait for it. Neither can it pick you or drop you wherever and at whatever time you want. You have to obey its rules. With us, however, you make the rules and we follow them. This includes waiting for the arrival of your flight. We have an outstanding airport taxi service that will always be there long before you arrive at the airport. We will take you in utmost luxury, comfort and security to your destination or back to the airport.

Nottingham is one of the most populated urban areas in England. In addition, its economy is one of the greatest. Many visitors, however, have different reasons for travelling to and around the city and surrounding area. They include beautiful sceneries, a precious history and culture and of course, its economical promise.

We realized that while there was a great need for an excellent transport service by tourists, businesspeople and travelling groups such as dance troupes, sports teams and students, no one had enough will or ability to satisfy it in a splendid way. We, therefore, stepped in.

Our key qualities include the capacity to ensure that every of our clients, whether single, a couple or a group, travels in luxury. We also have taken great safety and security measures to ensure that you arrive as safe and sound as you began the journey. All our drivers are highly trained, experienced, and know the area extremely well. Also, our vehicles are kept in top form.

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