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Leicester is one of the oldest cities in England. Apart from being the home of the 2016 Premier League champions, it has a rich history and culture. Therefore, it is one of the best destinations for everyone who would like to have a break from the hassles of daily living or take a business or family trip. While there are many ways of travelling around, you should always go for the right choice. Pick a taxi service that is sure to take care of your comfort and safety needs. You will never go wrong with Local Taxi Leicester.

Choose Professionalism

Admittedly, there are many companies offering transport services. Unfortunately, few of them have the required level of professionalism. At Coach and Minibus Hire Leicester, we are unrivaled in providing transport services to tourists, families, teams and individuals. We are never satisfied until we are sure that you have not only enjoyed the ride, but also safe and comfortable. Once you travel with us, you will never go for any other company.

Choose the Ideal Capacity

We understand that a journey is always more enjoyable when travelling in a group. Therefore, we provide 8 seat Leicester minibus hire services. In the end, you will be sure that every member of the group is present to join in the fun of travelling with us. Moreover, you will have the benefit of a trained, experienced and reputable driver who will ensure that everyone is picked and arrives on time. Our aim is to lift any travelling worries from your shoulders so that you can sit back, relax and enjoy the journey. Moreover, you can choose to travel in any model you like. We have Mercedes, Vauxhall, Renault, Ford and many others.

Arrive on Time and In your Group

If there are more than 8 people in your group, you still do not have to worry about having to travel in different vehicles. We offer impeccable 10-12 seat minibus hire services. Again, we take no chances when it comes to your convenience, comfort and safety.

There are many places to travel to in Leicester and surrounding areas. Thus, we know that you would like to cover a good distance in a day. Therefore, we ensure that our drivers are always on time. Further, our vehicles go through thorough maintenance to eliminate any chances for delays due to mechanical problems.

Be in the Best Hands

If your group is larger than can be accommodated by a 10-12 seat minibus in Leicester, the 12-14 seat Leicester minibus hire option will be waiting for you. Remember that we are dedicated to putting safety and comfort of our clients above everything else. Hence, we ensure that our drivers are more than competent and experienced in handling the kind of vehicle they will be in charge of. We make certain that before hiring, the ideal candidates undergo thorough tests in addition to confirming that they are licensed and have all the necessary papers. Some of the qualities we look for include experience and knowledge of Leicester and surrounding locations such as Wigston, Oadby, Hinckley, Market Harborough and Loughborough. Moreover, we ensure that our drivers are polite and friendly people who can make a long journey seem so short.

Catering for Extra-large Groups

Your group may be larger than 14 people. You still do not have to settle for uncomfortable options. What you only need to do is talk to us. We have with us 16-18 seat Leicester minibus hire services in Leicester that, for many years, have been the first choice for people travelling in large groups. They include people going for company trips, schools, churches, sports teams and even several families coming together to travel in one big family. The good thing is that no matter the size of the group, everyone’s individual needs are looked after. This means that the quality of our services is always high regardless of the number of clients in our hands in a particular journey.

Every Location is a Picking Point

We understand that you would like to engage our services at the first opportunity. Therefore, we are always ready to pick you from any location and drive you to your destination. Our airport taxi service from Leicester with our drivers are always alert, waiting for instructions to pick or take you to any airport in Leicester and other areas. Remember, your comfort is our pride. We, thus, strive to ensure the highest level of excellence whenever we are dealing with our clients. Our reward is the fact that they always come back whenever they are in town.

No Worries about Prices

Many people are unable to travel as much as they want simply because they cannot afford it. Luckily, you have Coach and Minibus Hire Leicester. You don’t have to worry about how big a dent in your pocket will be when traveling around Leicester. Just call us and you will be surprised at how low our rates for the best taxi services in Leicester are. Additionally, you are sure to have the benefits of the highest level of safety measures including insurance cover. Call us today and get the best taxi and minibus services in Lancaster.

Thousands of clients have passed through our hands. They include couples whose main aim is to have a blissful holiday or just a trip for two around Leicester and beyond. Many business executives choose us because of our convenience, comfort, safety and timeliness. In addition, we are unrivalled in looking after transport needs of families, small and large, which include children and the elderly. We also offer our services to schools, churches, NGOs as well as groups of all sizes from different organizations.

Whether you are travelling alone, as a couple, a family or a large group, there are countless reasons for making us your first and last choice. To mention only a few, our drivers are the most experienced, qualified and friendliest. Moreover, we have strict maintenance practices for our vehicles. They are also fitted with almost every accessory designed to guarantee an entertaining, comfortable and safe journey for everyone, including the disabled. Our services include:

  • Executive Leicester Taxi Hire
  • Leicester Airport Transfers
  • 8 Seat Minibus Hire
  • 10-12 Seat Minibus Hire
  • 12-14 Seat Minibus Hire
  • 16-18 Seat Minibus Hire
Additionally, we have incredible prices. You, therefore, do not have to worry about digging too deep into your pocket to pay for excellent transport services. Call us today for the unrivalled transport services in Leicester!

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