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Local Taxi Dundee is one of the oldest and highly reputable taxi companies serving Dundee and the surrounding regions. We have a dedicated team of mechanics, drivers, and client support team who work around the clock to make sure that every traveller books for our services and is take to the right destination in hassle-free manner. We also cater to the needs of group travellers and those travelling alone as well.

Why us?

Competitive taxi fares

At Coach and Minibus Hire Dundee, we offer premium taxi services at competitive rates. All our executive taxi services and the airport taxi services are reasonably priced. We also give great offers and discounts to all our clients. That means, you can always access excellent taxi services without spending all your savings.

Experienced drivers

A driver’s experience and skill set determine the travel experience each traveller on board will have. Poor and reckless driving habits are associated with catastrophic accidents. Besides, rude drivers can mess your day up and you end up wishing you never boarded that vehicle. Fortunately, at Coach and Minibus Hire Dundee, we have acquired a team of professional drivers who understand their duties and take the safety of every traveller seriously.

These drivers have many years of experience in the driving industry. They have also been trained and certified by the relevant authorities in Dundee. They have valid driving licenses, and thus, travellers can rest assured that they will be dealing with experts. Whether you intend to hire a minibus or a taxi, we will assign a competent driver to you.

Our drivers have outstanding skills. They can negotiate sharp corners without making you feel uncomfortable. Besides, they accelerate or break with making the passengers jerk forward or backward. If you are looking for smooth travels to various destinations in Dundee, contact us.

Excellent fleet

After a long tiresome flight to Dundee, the last thing you want to think about is delays caused by vehicle breakdowns or funny odour. Coach and Minibus Hire Dundee takes the responsibility of ensuring that you get a flawless travel to your home, hotel, or any other destination. One way of making sure that you get the best travel is by availing top-quality vehicles. Whether you need our 8-seater minibus or the 16-18 seat minibus, you can rest assured Coach and Minibus Hire Dundee will always avail the right vehicle.

Our fleet is well-maintained. These vehicles are inspected regularly by professional mechanics. They are analysed and serviced regularly to ensure that any possible failure is detected in time and dealt with effectively. That means travellers who opt for our taxi or minibus hire services can be assured of the highest possible efficiency when cruising to their destinations. These vehicles are also cleaned regularly to eliminate all dirt and any possible foul smell. Besides, our vehicle maintenance team ensures that these vehicles are spotlessly clean to ensure that all our clients can travel in comfort.

Besides, we have equipped our 10-12 seat minibuses and other vehicles with modifications intended to enhance their travel experience and comfort. For instances, the installed air conditioning equipment is efficient at keeping the temperature at the desired level. That means you no longer need to worry about travelling on an extremely hot day or cold day. We have also availed soft drinks coolers, DVD players, and plasma screens.

Free Wi-Fi with an excellent signal is also available. You can use this internet connection perhaps to keep in touch with your loved ones. You can also use it to respond to your emails, update your social media timeline, and more. The signal is strong enough to allow you stream videos from various video platforms such YouTube.

Choose the vehicle you want to be driven in

Local Taxi Dundee allows you to select your preferred vehicle. Travellers in need of 12-14 seat minibuses or a taxi, you can always choose a vehicle that suits your travel requirements. You can also request for additional customization. For instance, we can get your preferred vehicle customized to meet your wedding them. Keep in mind that you should inform us in time if you want us to customize your option. This will allow us adequate time to acquire the necessary resources and make your desired modifications.
You can choose to be driven by our drivers or you can opt for the self-drive option. To qualify for the self-drive option, you must have a valid driving license, and the necessary driving experience. Besides, if you’re travelling as a group, your travel companions should all endorse your driving skills and also accept you as their driver. You should also have better understanding of the road network in Dundee or have excellent map reading skills.

Local Taxi Dundee allows both domestic travellers and the international travellers to book for our taxi, airport taxi, and minibus hire services at any time of the day. The company has been in the transportation business long enough to acquire the necessary resources in the provision of outstanding travel services.

Here is what we guarantee our clients;

  • Highly comfortable and perfectly air-conditioned vehicles
  • Secure online transportation service booking
  • Guaranteed affordable taxi, airport taxi, executive taxi, and minibus hire services
  • Professional, honest, and reliable drivers
  • Time, reliable and convenient transportation services.

At Coach and Minibus Hire Dundee, all our staff members work towards achieving a common goal; providing our clients with high quality services at the lowest cost possible. These individuals work in unison to provide the required convenience to ensure that you’re at your destination in time.

Local Taxi Dundee avails 24-hour transportation services daily. Whether you intend to go for a night out event with your friends, attending a wedding ceremony, or simply intending to catch flight at Dundee Airport, you can trust us for timely travels.

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