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Travelling is fun and most people love it. Some people love travelling for adventure while others travel for business reasons, study reasons, and more. Over the years has become an important travel destination for people from different regions of the world. The city is bustling with businesses and there are countless tourist attraction joints in this region. Thus, when travelling to Birkenhead. Keep in mind that you are likely to struggle navigating the busy streets.  Fortunately, Coach and Minibus Hire Birkenhead offers travellers efficient transportation services in Birkenhead and the nearby areas.

Why us?

Great selection of well-maintained vehicles

No traveller wants to board an old vehicle. Ironically, vehicles aren’t toothpicks that are used just once and get discarded. The secret to maintaining vehicles looking new and in perfect working condition is by cleaning them and servicing them regularly. We understands this secret and that’s the reason we have created a team of professional mechanics to ensure that our fleet is well-maintained.

All our taxis and minibuses are inspected daily and cleaned. That means that our mechanics can spot any hitch before it develops into a problem that can result in vehicle breakdown and delays. All necessary repairs and replacements are done in time to ensure that our vehicles remain as new as we purchased them. Thus, you don’t expect to find vehicles with dents and scratches in our fleet. In fact, you may not differentiate between vehicles that we purchased last year and one we imported yesterday.

Professional and experienced drivers

Coach and Minibus Hire Birkenhead boasts of having perfectly trained drivers. These drivers have completed the necessary driving courses and tests successfully. They are certified by the relevant authorities and have acquired valid driving licenses. Thus, travellers can rest assured perfect rides from our side.

Each of our drivers in Birkenhead have outstanding driving skills. Coach and Minibus Hire Birkenhead’s experts performed thorough background checks to make sure that all the individuals we hired had outstanding personalities and skills. They also made sure that the hired individuals had no history of drugs and substance abuse or criminal records.

Our drivers’ skills are unmatched. Additionally, each of these drivers has more than ten years of experience in the transportation industry. They know how to break or accelerate with making the passengers jerking forward. They also know how to use vehicle indicators perfectly without compromising the safety of the travellers. They adhere to all road safety rules and regulations. Thus, our clients can be assured of the highest possible level of safety.

Easy and straightforward booking

We have made it easier for every traveller to book for transportation services. We have a user-friendly website that is easy to navigate. You can book for our services via a phone call or email. Our customer care team will respond immediately and offer you all the details you need and reserve your preferred vehicle.

If you opt to send an email, remember to indicate all your travel requirements, the number of people travelling with you, your travel schedule, and any other information that you feel will help us to customize the services we provide. This increases the chances of getting better and highly satisfying services from us.

You can also book for our services via the form provided on our website. Fill in the required details such as your personal identification details, contact details, address, and more. Note that these details will be strictly used in your travel planning process. Coach and Minibus Hire Birkenhead operates under strict privacy terms and conditions and our clients can rest assured that their personal identification information is safe with us.

Choose the vehicle you want

Coach and Minibus Hire Birkenhead offers every traveller an opportunity to choose their preferred vehicle. You can choose to travel in a 12-14 seat minibus or an Birkenhead executive taxi depending on how much money you’re willing to spend and the number of people coming with you. You can also opt for our 8-sater minibus in Birkenhead case you are travelling with a group of travellers that can’t fit in a taxi and are less than 10.

Note that all our 10-12 seat Birkenhead minibuses are perfectly fitted with modifications to help our clients travel in comfort and safely. These vehicles feature top quality heating and cooling systems perfectly designed to offer excellent travel environment. Additionally, our 16-18-seater minibuses come with top-grade entertainment systems, strong signal Wi-Fi, soft drinks coolers, and more.

Travellers landing at a nearby airport or intending to go to the airport can trust us for affordable airport taxi in Birkenhead services. Our services are convenient, reliable, and are delivered by experts.

Coach and Minibus Hire Birkenhead is one of the giant transportation service providers in Birkenhead. The company boasts of many decades of experience in the provision of top-quality services to their clients. We have been serving the entire Birkenhead region and the nearby villages, towns and cities. Over the years, we have earned an outstanding reputation as the leading transportation service provider whose quality of services is unmatched.

At Cabs and Coaches, the travellers’ safety is something we take seriously. This is the reason we collaborate with the local authorities to ensure that any sign of security mishap is dealt with long before it negatively affects our customers. Besides, our company’s management team has installed excellent top-grade location tracking devices in each vehicle. This makes it easier for us to locate any of our taxis and minibuses any time. With that, our customers can rest assured of excellent and immediate response to any problem when travelling.

Cabs and Coaches also has professional drivers and client support team. These individuals are dedicated to making sure that all our clients travel in style to their destinations.

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