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Local Taxi Belfast provides reliable taxi service for individuals or groups travelling to a particular location. In Belfast, you can book the ordinary or high-end ride package depending on your budget. In either category, the transfer service is quality. We have invested in superior vehicle models to ensure safe and comfortable journey.

Our company is majorly concerned with providing comprehensive, reliable and affordable means of transport to our entire clients. We have thus streamlined all our services to match your every demand effectively. Our fleet of cars provide sufficient security, entertainment accessories and space to keep your ride interesting. In addition, we have invested in recruiting the best talents in the industry. From the drivers, to engineers to our customer care personnel, we have an all-round package for you. Here are the taxi hire services Coach and Minibus Hire Belfast offers.

Executive Taxi

Our executive taxi is well-maintained and clean. It is serviced regularly by our team of engineers and washed frequently to ensure hygiene and good working order. If you are a business executive or a leisure traveller book this ride, our high-end taxi will provide a good environment for long and short road trips. Our taxi gives you enough privacy and comfort, something that is hard to get from our competitors.

8 Seat Minibus Hire

The 8 seat minibus is ideal for small group travel. It provides adequate space and comfort to passengers which equal that of the executive taxi. Its recliner seats are wide, well-elevated and are designed to give you maximum comfort during the journey. If you are thinking of a trip outside the city, the 8 sitter will provide adequate room for your group.

10-12 Seat Minibus Hire

It only takes less than two minutes to process your order for our 10-12 seat minibus. You can either subscribe to this package through our website, email or mobile app. You can also make a phone call to the customer help desk or visit our offices. Our customer care personnel will provide the necessary information on our 10-12 seater. The minibus has a carrying capacity of up to 12 individuals. Enough space for your luggage is available. It is very popular with colleges to facilitate educational tours.

12-14 Seat Minibus Hire

If you are tired of being taken in circles by our competitors, subscribe to our 12-14 seat minibus. This package offers reliable group services to any location. Whether you have booked for day time or night travel, we provide timely and convenient services without fail. Do not waste your money hiring some random ran down vehicles, come to us for first-class treatment.

16-18 seat minibus hire

Personalized services are available for our 16-18 seat minibus in Belfast. In Lisburn, Bangor, Holywood, Antrim, Londonderry door to door pick-ups or drop-offs are common. We have done our utmost to tailor our services according to your specific needs. For a group booked for a business or leisure trip, our driver make sure to honour any urgent request without hesitation. We move out of our way to accommodate your every needs. Our flexibility in fitting to your schedules saves you a lot of time and money.

Our Drivers

Coach and Minibus Hire Belfast drivers are professionals with not less than 10 years of field experience. They are licensed to drive both small and large vehicles within and without Belfast by the relevant authority. They are competent, courteous and friendly. They arealso very polished in customer relations.

Apart from these, they are screened and trained regularly to guarantee high driving standards. For every package you subscribe to, be it theĀ  Executive Taxi,8 seat minibus,10-12 seat minibus,12-14 seat minibus, 16-18 seat minibus or the Airport Taxi, a seasoned driver is provided. Did you know that all our drivers are multilingual? If you are new in town, book any of our packages for safe and easy rides with our professional and trusted drivers.

Airport Taxi

We provide ‘wait in’ services for late arrivals and offer reliable and timely transfer services to any airport in the country. Our drivers are known for good time management, and timeliness in making pick-ups or drop-offs to any airport. With us you are guaranteed timely travel every time. Our Airport Taxi are not only known for efficiency, they are also known to provide secure travel services to any location. All our cars are installed with the CCTV, GPS and tracking devices to make constant surveillance and monitoring of the vehicles easy. Entertainment Accessories, free internet services and proper air-conditioning are also provided to make your ride to the airport as relaxed and enjoyable as possible.

We are a leading taxi hire service provider in Belfast. We provide ordinary and world-class transport services to individuals or groups travelling to various part of the country. Our experience in the industry spans over a decade.

Our competitive edge lies in providing reliable and quality transfer services. In a bid to meet all your transportation demands, we have invested in a fleet of superior cars that run on a 24 hour schedule. They are well-service and can be booked through our website or mobile app. Other various platforms for placing an order are also available.

Our fleet of vehicles is made up of cars of diverse sitting capacity. The smallest is a one-seater while the largest is an 18 seater. We will facilitate all your transportation needs. Local Taxi Belfast has provided variety so that you may order according to your specific requirements.

Coach and Minibus Hire Belfast is dedicated to provide secure and comfortable means of transport to all our clients. Our cars are clean, have comfortable seats, and are installed with the state-of-the-art security facility. In addition, experienced drivers are provided to give you safe ride to your destination.

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