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8 Seat Minibus Hire

A visit to Paisley is worth your time and money especially when traveling in a group. You’ll find exciting attraction such as the Paisley Museum & Art Gallery, Glennifer Braes Country Park and Thomas Coats Observatory. Your group will make the most out of your itinerary, if you book the superb 8 seater minibuses at Cabs and Coaches. We are the top choice for small group transport in and out of the area.

First-Class Minibuses
If you’re traveling to a business or casual event in Paisley, your 8 member group needs to see the sense of booking a comfortable first class minibus for the trip. Don’t put your group through a harrowing experience sharing rides or travelling in public buses. Instead, consider our tasteful minibus models that are designed to offer your group a pleasurable experience when you hit the road. We keep reviewing our service delivery options to offer better transport services every time.

Secure and Safe
Every 8 seat minibus we present comes with a guarantee of safety. We operate minibuses that can withstand long distance travel through tough terrain. Our vehicles can transport you to the countryside and back safely. If your crews on a filming or camping mission off-road, we promise a relaxing and bump-free journey. We provide the latest minibuses from top brands. We assure you incident free travel, and our vehicles don’t break down due to preventable engine issues.

Competitive Rates
Are you worried that you’ll have to pay a fortune to transport your 8 passenger group to the scheduled event? Fret no more. We have the lowest fares in Paisley. We provide no-obligation quotes that indicate the actual rate. We don’t have secret fees, and we don’t surcharge you for features that we offer as a standards. Our competitors are out to make quick money. They will entice you with unrealistic quotes, but we will match or beat such offers. We help you to save up to 25% of your travel budget all the time.

Flexible Terms
Book the 8 seat Mercedes Vito or the Ford Tourneo, and we will offer the best terms of service. We don’t act rigid like our competitors who limit your travel due to lack of resources. We offer your group the liberty to travel as much as you want during your day trip or long distance excursion to neighbouring towns. We offer services day and night. We will facilitate transport to the airport, performance concert or prom whenever you call.

Top Drivers
Every time you book an 8 seater minibus, we offer you the best drivers in town. Our packages don’t come with a self-drive option. We ensure peace of mind during your tour. Every driver we assign your casual or corporate group is DBS checked and accredited by relevant authorities. We hand pick DVSA certified chauffeurs who know Paisley perfectly well. Contact us.

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