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Taxi Drivers

There is no denying that our taxi drivers are the trend setters in Edinburgh. Our competitors borrow from and follow the lead of our drivers in vain in an effort to imitate or duplicate the quality of superior services we provide. The excellent reputation we have attained, and the high respect we have gained is as a result of raw hard work. Consistency and vigorous training of our drivers has also helped us to maintain high standards of professionalism.


Our drivers are subject to compulsory training program that is conducted regularly. Here, they are trained on etiquette, customer relation among other things. Specialized refresher courses in driving are also offered to perfect their driving skills further. New information on emerging car technologies and how they affect driving is also imparted. This helps to bring then up to speed with what is happening in the taxi industry with the aim of improving on how to serve you. Our drivers are highly competent.

Equal Opportunity

Unlike our incompetent competitors who still are infected with male chauvinistic tendencies, Local taxi Edinburgh provides equal employment opportunity for both males and females. We do not discriminate. Both genders are equally represented. For wedding trips in our 8, 10-12, 12-14, and 16-18 seat minibus, our lady drivers are always on high demand. Our lady drivers are also popular with executive taxi rides.

Timeliness and Navigational Skills

Our taxi drivers in Edinburgh understand the value of time and the negative consequences of wasting it. For that reason, they work round the clock.  For every trip you have booked, our drivers always show up half an hour prior to pick-up time. This avoids last minute rush and unnecessary delays.  Apart from this, they have exceptional navigational skills, hardly marched by our competitors. Their knowledge of the roads in Musselburgh, Dalkeith, Livingston, Leith and Blackford is excellent. For this reason, their manoeuvring skills through traffic jams and a myriad of roads cutting through the area is a time saver. The same skills also help in easy picks and drop-offs at any location in the area.

Don’t waste your energy chasing after random taxis. You may end up plunging yourself into danger. Instead, make a quick call to our customer help desk. You will be hooked up with a well-trained and seasoned driver within minutes. Guided by the GPS, our vehicles will come to your exact location and facilitate your movement to any destination in good time. It is better being safe than sorry. 

All our drivers are insured. In addition, they are well remunerated; this gives them enough motivation to keep you happy throughout the ride. Whether you are travelling alone or in a group of up to 18 persons, our drivers will transfer you to any destination promptly and safely.

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